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Bundle Size Comparison of JS Error Logging Services

Posted 2020-04-29

So, you've optimized your JavaScript bundle into a lean and mean package, but now you need to add error logging so that you are aware of errors that users experience in production. How do the major JavaScript error logging services stack up in terms of bundle size?

This is of course a naïve comparison, as many services provide other functionality as well, like session replay. But if you are just looking for basic error reporting while keeping bundle size small, knowing how much these libraries will increase your payload matters.

The methodology can be found in the Source column of the table. For most providers, I checked the docs for a client-side NPM bundle and popped that into Bundlephobia. If the provider does not have an NPM module, I curled the JS directly.

NameMin+Gzip kBSourceUpdated
curl https://cdn.catchjs.com/catch.js | gzip | wc -c

If you'd like to contribute to this data, please send a PR!