Ian Obermiller

Part time hacker, full time dad.


Ian Obermiller is a software engineer at Facebook and a hobby open source developer. Ian, his wife Olivia, his son Wellington, and his daughters Isla and Adaira live in Renton, Washington.


I work in the Facebook Seattle office, with amazing views of the city and Puget Sound. I’m currently deep into front-end work, designing an awesome UI for Atlas using React and Flux.


Before Facebook, I worked at Microsoft for 4 years, in teams ranging from AdCenter to FUSE Labs. At FUSE I was implementing and researching new and awesome ways to make computers more social, since people are really the most essential and basic concept in computing.


In pursuit of continual learning I earned my master’s in computer science from the University of Washington via the PMP. The courses were awesome and relevant to work, in addition to being fast paced and intense.

I graduated summa cum laude from Marquette University with an Honors Bachelors degree in Computer Science. In addition to taking a full load of credits and coding on the side as a web developer, I also worked in the Ubicomp Lab, focusing on wireless, pervasive computing.

For Fun

When I am not on the computer for work related activities I enjoy reading Hacker News, coding various utilities, open source programming, and learning new programming languages and techniques. Outside of the digital world, I love spending every waking moment with my beautiful wife and my three children, snowboarding, reading, cooking, and watching TV & movies.