Ian Obermiller

Part time hacker, full time dad.



Check out my GitHub profile to see what I’ve been up to.


Legends of Descent

Legends of Descent Logo

  • Dungeon crawler style RPG for Windows Phone
  • Unlimited procedurally generated dungeon maps, items,  and enemy groups
  • Slay monsters, reap loot, and equip yourself with the very best weapons and armor
  • My favorite pieces: dungeon map generation, particle effects
  • Written in C# using the XNA framework
  • http://legendsofdescent.com




NuclearMail is an experiment of writing a webmail client using React and the Flux architecture. It runs completely in the browser and uses the Gmail REST API.

Bingo Card Maker

Bingo Card Maker Screenshot


Take the Cake

  • Built using HTML, PHP, and Javascript
  • Features an easily expandable photo gallery with dynamically generated thumbnails
  • Challenge: Fitting in a lot of information about cakes without overwheming visitors
  • http://takethecakewi.com

Spiegelhoff & Associates Insurance

  • Built using HTML, PHP, and Javascript
  • Features an online quote and claim request system
  • Challenge: Designing the forms to be standards compliant and user-friendly while asking for lots of information
  • http://spiegelhoffinsurance.com

Geneva Lake Museum

  • Built using HTML and Javascript (Ajax)
  • Features and interactive tour of the museum with dynamically loading pictures of the exhibits
  • Challenge: Capturing the historic feel of the museum while keeping the website looking fresh and updated
  • http://genevalakemuseum.org – note: they have since redesigned