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TypeScript Syntax Highlighting for WordPress


For my first post on TypeScript, I included many code samples, and found the Javascript highlighting to be lacking since TypeScript introduces a number of new keywords. To remedy, I've put together a simple plugin that adds a TypeScript brush to the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin, using this excellent tutorial. Once installed, you can use the new tags to highlight your TypeScript code, either [ts][/ts] or [typescript][/typescript].

Download the "SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: TypeScript Brush" plugin

Here is an example:

declare var jQuery: any;

module Sayings {
  export class Greeter
    extends BaseGreeter
    implements IGreeter
    private greeting: string;

    constructor(message: string) {
      this.greeting = message;

    public greet() {
      var s = 'Hello, ' + this.greeting;

      return s;