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React Pure Render Decorator


If you've adopted JavaScript classes when working with React, you may be missing PureRenderMixin. You can emulate it easily using decorators:

var shallowEqual = require('react/lib/shallowEqual');

module.exports = function PureRender(Component) {
  Component.prototype.shouldComponentUpdate = function (
  ) {
    return (
      !shallowEqual(this.props, nextProps) ||
      !shallowEqual(this.state, nextState)
  return Component;

Use it with the decorator syntax or just as a wrapper around your component:

class Button extends Component { ... }

Button = PureRender(Button);

The logic is exactly the same as PureRenderMixin. Keep in mind that this could break if/when React's internals are rearranged, since we are deeply requiring shallowEqual. This hasn't been published to NPM, but if you'd like to see it drop me a comment. Hopefully a pure rendering decorator will make its way into react-pure-render instead.