Ian Obermiller

Part time hacker, full time dad.


Check out my GitHub profile to see what Ive been up to.


Legends of Descent

Legends of Descent Logo

  • Dungeon crawler style RPG for Windows Phone
  • Unlimited procedurally generated dungeon maps, items,  and enemy groups
  • Slay monsters, reap loot, and equip yourself with the very best weapons and armor
  • My favorite pieces: dungeon map generation, particle effects
  • Written in C# using the XNA framework
  • http://legendsofdescent.com



NuclearMail Screenshot

NuclearMail is an experiment of writing a webmail client using React and the Flux architecture. It runs completely in the browser and uses the Gmail REST API.

Bingo Card Maker

Bingo Card Maker Screenshot


AuctionDB Logo

Take the Cake

Take the Cake Screenshot

  • Built using HTML, PHP, and Javascript
  • Features an easily expandable photo gallery with dynamically generated thumbnails
  • Challenge: Fitting in a lot of information about cakes without overwheming visitors
  • http://takethecakewi.com

Spiegelhoff & Associates Insurance

Spiegelhoff & Associates Insurance Screenshot

  • Built using HTML, PHP, and Javascript
  • Features an online quote and claim request system
  • Challenge: Designing the forms to be standards compliant and user-friendly while asking for lots of information
  • http://spiegelhoffinsurance.com

Geneva Lake Museum

Geneva Lake Museum Screenshot

  • Built using HTML and Javascript (Ajax)
  • Features and interactive tour of the museum with dynamically loading pictures of the exhibits
  • Challenge: Capturing the historic feel of the museum while keeping the website looking fresh and updated
  • http://genevalakemuseum.org note: they have since redesigned